Sacred Sites

by Well Sister

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released November 5, 2015

Songs written by Jaymie Friesen

Jaymie Friesen - vocals, acoustic guitar
Natalie Bohrn - vocals, upright bass
Davis Plett -electric guitar
Julie Kettle-vocals
Randall Hildebrand-drums

Recorded and mixed by John Paul Peters
@ Private Ear Studio
Produced by John Paul Peters and Well Sister
Mastered by Jamie Sitar @ Outta Town Sound
Graphic Design - Jadyn Klassen



all rights reserved


Well Sister Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Falling
Oh to the one who was lifted,
how did you make it to the light?
Did you find a fountain,
the highest mountain
without your sight?

And did your ears have to strain
to hear the disdained sound of heights?
Not a bird does fall without him knowing
It may be holy
to fall ourselves
with all our pride
wIth all our pride

Oh to the one who is falling
Oh baby darling, we are your friend
And down on the ground you will find
we are your kind, we lost our fight.

Our hands are shot are feet gone,
we've desperately run
from all we've done.
But now we see that the battle lost
is just as worthy
as the battle won
for here we're one
for here we're one

Oh to the one who sings out
your mystical words have saved my doubt.
So please don't stop your singing
You are my songbird
You are my beat.

For all the smiles that seek me
they are my courage, it's what I keep.
For all the truth you behold
It must be retold,
for it is gold
unto my soul
unto my soul
Track Name: Sacred Sites
The doubt that made you lay down your hands
and give up on it
got into you when a ladder grew
and asked you to climb it

We had no problem asking for bread
but I could not see
my hands worthy to create or reach to;
the craft had been spit on.

And what if I leap forth into the ocean?
Will you still hear me
calling for help when I need to be fed?

A bomb was blowing up sacred sites
while you stood on the sidelines
Ready to rebuild, renew and refill
the crater with heartache

Falling, we find that all our worries have wings
Do you hear the
voice of silence that's keeping me fed.

The lawyer cannot refuse you
The paint on your body is bloody
So take off your shoes
For the place you stand is holy land

Somewhere a child is stirring wine with rain
and out it came like
confetti on my friend's wedding day.

So please keep creating while it is decaying
The worm still needs a home
And beauty will stay
for what is redeemed
will never go away
Track Name: Audrey
In the mend of my mind you found me
Sober from a year of worry
Oh and I was the one to open slowly
I just got well, out of hell
It looked like you had been there too
Lightly we rose

Oh Audrey where's your family?
Were you like me, believed you'd never marry?

So it's that line: "we'll be friends it's alright".
But it's like faking a tea when there's wine in the room.
I say I'm a nun without my cloak on
It's a joke - the punchline:
is that I took it off for you
But I can't keep you

Oh Audrey, is it crazy
to keep waiting for what will one day feel right?
And I'm missing what I keep on denying.
Love was better when its frame were two bodies.

We were golden
I found my laugh with you
It sure was funny, but no one's laughing now
I loved then let go
And let go of what loved my whole
If this love is home
It'll return when it knows

Oh Audrey, it's not like me
to have envy over what I don't have.
To envy another's gift
it to destroy your own giftedness.
And I know this
It's just that I loved him
Oh Audrey, I went from content
to lonely
Track Name: Hands
I wait for you to heal my hands
I wait
I wait for you to heal my hands
My hands, my hands

Oh Mother, my feet are aching
Oh Mother
Oh Mother, my feet are aching

Oh Brother, your hands are healing me
Oh Brother
Oh Brother, your hands are healing my feet
My feet, my feet

Oh God, have mercy on my hands
Oh God
Oh God, have mercy on my hands
my hands, my hands
my hands, my hands
My hands